What a fast moving month January was this year. I felt like I would wake up, and three days had already gone by before the next rolled around.

During the last month and few days, I've gotten a bit accomplished around CYBORG. The find-it is now active, and my stamps page has been updated with all my newly collected stamps. An new addition has been made to the archive as well- Valentine themed, of course! For those who saw on the discord, I also have a new hex coming soon to my archive, a Lupe! I'm really proud of how this one turned out. I want to make a few more colours before I release it for trade first, and see if I can better align the stomach stripe (right now when you pick a Lupe up, the stripe doesn't reach the top of the belly ball, so there's a bit of a gap between chest patch and tummy).

My Airtables exploded with content and goodies over the course of January, so I've put a temporary hold on releasing my public templates until they are updated. I also found an old petz dictionary I made last year and forgot about while doing some cleaning in my drives. Maybe I'll release it, I'm not sure. I always worry I've written things down incorrectly. My brain's been goo lately.

After seeing another user on the Petzcord get the screensaver function working in Win11, I decided to upgrade my laptop. I'm happy to report Petz runs flawlessly on Win11- I didn't even need to set compatability mode or use administrator settings! My screensaver now works, at the expense of losing my PetzA profiles, which I kinda miss, to be honest. I got so used to just picking which profile to use instead of swappinng petz around in folders. I dunno, maybe I'll turn it back on and change my screensaver. Perhaps I could take an extended recording of my petz playing and feed it into Wallpaper Engine to make a screensaver? Hmmm.

As for non-petz stuff... honestly, I've been feeling the seasonal depression pretty hard this year. I had so much more I wanted to do last month but simply couldn't find the energy for. I'm looking forward to when the snow is gone for good, the sun is out longer, and the weather warms up. I'm tired of being cold, and, well, tired! lol. I started a javascript course in codecademy a few days ago and am looking forward to progressing through that.

That's all for now. My therapy lamp session is almost over, and I have plenty of chores to run around the house today, so I should probably get to it. Thanks for reading my rambles!

Take care,