The leaves have fallen and snow is beginning to drift down as the seasons roll into another change. As preperations for Christmas come to a close (observant followers may have noticed the dogz busy digging away at something!) there is some last minute housekeeping to be done at CYBORG before the holidays arrive. Today a new hex has been added to the archive, and over the last few days a handful of stamps have been added to the stamp page. Also, before 2022 closes, I found an old stamp I made but never posted. Feel free to collect it below!

Advent @ Whiskerwick is coming to the end of the donation deadline soon. I've already sent in my gifts for this year- expect something old, something reworked, and something totally brand new from me! I'm really excited to see what wonderful goodies await the PC this December. There is also a secret santa event happening which I have signed up for. I look forward to seeing who I get to make a gift for this year! Gift giving is my favourite part of the holiday season.

Take care and stay safe as the weather begins to turn colder!