name: Victorian Cyborg
pronouns: she/her
locale: Canada
game version: Petz 4
prefix: VC

My Whiskerwick Wishlist

Hi! I'm VC. I've been a petz fan since Catz II, but didn't join the PC until much later. I dip in and out of the community when my health and time allow. Petz is a nostalgic comfort for me, and I find myself drawn to this charming little virtual pet sim over and over again in my life.

When I am not online, I am a homemaker with a part-time retail job. I suffer from chronic illness which sometimes leaves me unable to do much of anything. If I don't respond right away I may be having a flare-up, but if it has been a bit don't be shy about sending me another message.

My health has been poor lately, so I have decided to scale my site back to just the basics as I have no time to update or maintain CYBORG (or play Petz, really).

Contact Me:

email: victoriancyborg@hotmail.com
RKC: Victorian Cyborg
Whiskerwick: VC
PUGS: victoriancyborg
TFM: VictorianCyborg

Adoption Rules

I have only one rule for any bred petz I sell or adopt out:

Please do not resell or auction the pet!

Otherwise do as you like. Even using my prefix (VC) is optional! If you no longer want the pet, feel free to MPA, trade, or delete. No need to return to me! My hexes have special rules, these will be noted in the profile and can be found on my archive.


Fonts - Google Fonts
About Me Avatar - Picrew
Petz Crew Display - Airtable
Cursor - Cursors-4u
Favicon - pixel-soup