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Petz Links List

Unlike most modern games where mods and downloads are maintained on a Nexus, the majority of the content for Petz is instead found on user created personal websites like this one. Here I've listed useful sites from the Petz Community where you can explore crews, find downloads, read guides, and more.

Scroll over each button for information on the site and what it offers.

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Petz Community Sites

Forums, chatting and games!


Petz on the Web

Personal petz sites and crew directories.


Useful Quick Links

Acidtrip Game Installers
Yabiko Petz 4 Installer (also just a useful site in general)
Waverly Academy Hexing Tutorials & Resources
Toy internal adjective hexing tutorial
Extensive genetic guide & research
CRUSHING genetics guide
Moonflower Petz Palettes
Petz resource ID clash checker
RKC extensive catz show pose guide
CRUSHING show pose guide (catz + dogz)
Oasis Selective Breed master list
Wayback Petz archives

& just for fun...
Petz Web Fun Pack (fan recreation)
which catz breed are you? (I'm Calico)


Petz Dictionaries

Learn the terms commonly tossed around the PC!

Whiskerwhick Petz Lingo
RKC Petz Words & Acronyms
Wayback Petz Dictionary
Diane's Kennelz Petz Dictionary

An important note...
Some of these dictionaries are old and refer to a selective breed of cat which goes by a slur. This word is also included in a playscene name in all of the games versions. If you want to remove the word from your game, gyiyg's site has a fix for that!