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Welcome to Pumpkin's Patch, a special spot all Pumpkin's own on the world wide web!

Who is Pumpkin?

The original Pumpkin was a 2nd generation Chinchilla Persian / Orange Shorthair mix bred in Petz 5 during the 2010's. His oddly shaped body and insane little personality made him a quick companion of mine. Pumpkin was my holdout from switching to Petz 4 for so long- how could I go without my little round friend? This was the pre-petzflux days. Then I found out how to clone a pet, and Pumpkin 2.0 was born on a 1st gen AC Chinchilla Persian in Petz 4! He has been my favourite friend in Petz 4 since day one, always bringing a smile and laugh with his antics.

A Few of His Favourite Things...

Favourite Colour... Yellow

Favourite Flavour... Fish

Favourite Activity... Dress-up

Favourite Trick... Bunny hops

Favourite Toy... Rubber Star Ball

Pumpkin's Goodies

Pumpkin is a good host, so he wants you to take home some goodies before you leave the patch today.

Spotlight Pet Stamp #00

Pumpkin's Fishy Taco Toy
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