Rimiru Plushie v2
No need for your Petz to fight over the soft and loveable Rimiru, now they can have their own little slime buddy to squish and chew. Updated to now be recognized as a blue toy!

Agumon Squish
Digimon, Digital Monsters ♫ A yellow Agumon squishy for you & your petz to enjoy.

Gengar Ceramic Pumpkin
Shamelessly stolen from the Pokemon Center's 2022 Halloween collection, this Gengar pumpkin is sure to bring some spooky delight to your favourite playscene!

Pikachu Ceramic Pumpkin
All good things come in pairs, right? Another Pokemon Center exclusive, the Pikachu pumpkin will give your petz a good fright! (fright not guarenteed)

Green Witch Candle
The find-it prize for my Halloween 2022 event. A spooky candle to keep away the ghouls. It doesn't light up, I'm not sure how to do that quite yet.

Xmas Tree Pillow
Get cozy by the fireplace with this comfortable and festive throw pillow.

Red Reindeer Plush
A red reindeer that is sure to delight your petz this Christmas!

Nice Bone Toy / Naughty Bone Toy
Was your pet naughty or nice this year? Find-it prizes from my Christmas 2022 Tunnel event.