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Boo! You've stumbled onto Victorian Cyborg's fansite for PF Magic's Petz games series! Here you'll find my crew, archive, useful petz links, and a couple goodies for your game!

Wait, what is Petz?

Current Crew Spotlight:


Gender: Female
Breed: Tabby
Born: November 21, 2009
Original Owner: fattymago @ RKC

Witchy was a special edition Halloween hex I received back in 2009 from the RKC forums. Being a tabby I was overjoyed by her sweet and warm personality. Like the stars on her tail & paws she is quite whimsical! Witchy never fails to brighten up a gloomy room and she makes the perfect companion on those chill autumn nights.

Last Update:
September 16th, 2022

  • New Halloween theme!
  • New find it!
  • New downloads!
  • New spotlight pet!


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