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Thanks for stopping by! This is Victorian Cyborg's crew site for the Petz games created by PF Magic. Here you'll find my personal collection of petz, a hex archive, a page about me, my stamp collection, and useful petz-y links. Below you will also find the rotating Crew Spotlight, which highlights one of my petz roughly every month or so. Be sure to check back when the spotlight changes to collect the new stamp!

Spark, a lovely secret santa gift from kathleen @ alohomora


Current Crew Spotlight:


Gender: Male
Breed: Dalmation
Born: January 25, 2022
Original Owner: Victorian Cyborg

This handsome man was the result of a breeding project between Lida's Akita and Cirrutopia's Siberian Husky overwriting files. Many of my Akita/Husky mixes I've adopted out come from his family tree. Lupin is pretty chill and likes to do his own thing, mostly going for walks across the screen or dragging around a chew toy to munch on while ignoring the rest of the crew. What Lupin loves to do the most is take pictures! As soon as the camera comes out he jumps and poses and gets sooooo excited! Really, he's a bit of a diva when the lens is focused on him.

Last Update:
May 31st, 2022

  • New! Downloads page under 'Fun'
  • New spotlight pet!
  • New! Find-it page launched.